OSP 2008!

I am pleased to announce the second OCaml Summer Project! The OSP is again aimed at encouraging growth in the OCaml community by funding students over the summer to work on open-source projects in OCaml.

While our goals are the same, the project this year is going to be run differently. The biggest change is that we’re aiming at getting more faculty involvement. We are requiring joint applications from the student or students who will be working on the project, and from a faculty member who both recommends the students and will mentor them throughout the project. Each student will receive a grant of $5k/month, and each faculty member will receive $2k/month. We expect students to treat this as a full-time commitment, and for professors to spend the equivalent of one day a week on the project.

We will also award a prize for what we deem to be the most successful project. Special consideration will be given to projects that display real polish in the form of good documentation, robust build systems, and effective test suites. We’ll announce more details about the prize farther down the line.

Take a look at the FAQ if you want to learn more. We’re looking forward to another exciting summer!


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