The decisions have been made!

Of the more than 50 proposals we received, we have decided to fund the following 12 projects for the 2007 OSP:

  • Caml-Shcaml: Objective Caml in the small; by Alec Heller and Jesse Tov
  • OCaml Visualization Toolkit; by Cap Petschulat
  • Parser combinator library; by Chris Casinghino
  • Cross-platform functional-reactive GUI library; by Chris King
  • System F-based Genetic Programming library; by Franck Binard
  • NorthPole: A concurrency framework for Objective Caml; by Jonathan Bryant
  • Laying the Foundations for an Advanced Visualization System in O’Caml; by Kree Cole-McLaughlin
  • OCaml Reins: A persistent Data Structure Library for OCaml; by Mike Furr
  • OCaml Mathematical Framework; by Olivier Bouissou and Alexandre Chapoutot
  • Dromedary: An Enhanced OCaml Editor; by Therapon Skotiniotis and Christos Dimoulas
  • MLML: Machine Learning in ocaML; by Stefan Ciobaca
  • Erlang style concurrent and distributed programming in OCaml; by Benedikt Grundmann

There were a lot of good proposals that didn’t make the cut, not because they weren’t worth doing, but because we have limited resources for mentoring projects. We hope many of these projects are still pursued.

We’re happy about about the number and quality of the proposals we received, and we’re looking forward to a great summer and a lot of great new software!


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