OSP 2008!

January 30, 2008

I am pleased to announce the second OCaml Summer Project! The OSP is again aimed at encouraging growth in the OCaml community by funding students over the summer to work on open-source projects in OCaml.

While our goals are the same, the project this year is going to be run differently. The biggest change is that we’re aiming at getting more faculty involvement. We are requiring joint applications from the student or students who will be working on the project, and from a faculty member who both recommends the students and will mentor them throughout the project. Each student will receive a grant of $5k/month, and each faculty member will receive $2k/month. We expect students to treat this as a full-time commitment, and for professors to spend the equivalent of one day a week on the project.

We will also award a prize for what we deem to be the most successful project. Special consideration will be given to projects that display real polish in the form of good documentation, robust build systems, and effective test suites. We’ll announce more details about the prize farther down the line.

Take a look at the FAQ if you want to learn more. We’re looking forward to another exciting summer!


end-of-summer meeting

August 29, 2007

From August 15th-17th we had our OSP end-of-summer meeting. Twelve participants from nine of the projects attended. We also had invited talks from Olin Shivers and Phil Wadler. Several people from local universities (NYU, Long Island University) and companies also

Each of the projects gave a talk and demo. Here are the projects that were presented:

The code for the projects is available in our SVN repository: svn://osprepo.janestcapital.com/osp/2007

Olin Shivers gave a talk on Little Languages, and Phil Wadler gave two talks, Comprehensive Comprehensions and Well-typed Programs Can’t be Blamed.

Here are some pictures from the meeting.

Ron Minksy introducing Phil Wadler.

Phil Wadler speaking on Comprehensive Comprehensions.

Olivier Bouissou’s talk.

Kree Cole-McLaughlin’s talk.

A demo session.

Phil Wadler and Olin Shivers.

Group Photo.

We look forward to next year’s OSP. Watch this space for an announcement.

The decisions have been made!

March 30, 2007

Of the more than 50 proposals we received, we have decided to fund the following 12 projects for the 2007 OSP:

  • Caml-Shcaml: Objective Caml in the small; by Alec Heller and Jesse Tov
  • OCaml Visualization Toolkit; by Cap Petschulat
  • Parser combinator library; by Chris Casinghino
  • Cross-platform functional-reactive GUI library; by Chris King
  • System F-based Genetic Programming library; by Franck Binard
  • NorthPole: A concurrency framework for Objective Caml; by Jonathan Bryant
  • Laying the Foundations for an Advanced Visualization System in O’Caml; by Kree Cole-McLaughlin
  • OCaml Reins: A persistent Data Structure Library for OCaml; by Mike Furr
  • OCaml Mathematical Framework; by Olivier Bouissou and Alexandre Chapoutot
  • Dromedary: An Enhanced OCaml Editor; by Therapon Skotiniotis and Christos Dimoulas
  • MLML: Machine Learning in ocaML; by Stefan Ciobaca
  • Erlang style concurrent and distributed programming in OCaml; by Benedikt Grundmann

There were a lot of good proposals that didn’t make the cut, not because they weren’t worth doing, but because we have limited resources for mentoring projects. We hope many of these projects are still pursued.

We’re happy about about the number and quality of the proposals we received, and we’re looking forward to a great summer and a lot of great new software!

Proposal deadline approaches

March 14, 2007

We’d like to give a friendly reminder that the deadline for project proposals is this Thursday, March 15th. Proposals will not be accepted after the 15th. Hurry and get your proposals in!

A Poster Cometh

February 20, 2007

We now have a poster! Better late than never. Please post on a university bulletin board near you.

We’re starting to receive proposals, and they look good so far. It’s worth noting that it’s good to submit early, since if your proposal is promising but needs work, we will give you some suggestions to improve it and make it more likely to be accepted.

If you’d like to get some physical posters, please email us at osp@janestcapital.com with your snail-mail address.

Now accepting project proposals

February 14, 2007

We are now accepting proposals for the 2007 OCaml Summer Project. As a reminder, proposals should be emailed to osp@janestcapital.com. Please see the faq for more details about the format your project proposal should take.

We will begin considering proposals as they arrive. All submissions will receive a response no later than March 30th.

The OCaml Summer Project launches

January 24, 2007

We are pleased to announce the OCaml Summer Project. The project is aimed at encouraging growth in the OCaml community by funding students over the summer to work on open-source projects in OCaml. At the end of the summer, we will fly all of the students who have completed their projects succesfully out for a meeting in New York, where people will present their projects and get a chance to shmooze with other members of the OCaml community.

The project is being funded and run by Jane Street Capital. We make extensive use of OCaml here at Jane Street, and are excited about the idea of encouraging and growing the OCaml community. You can learn more about Jane Street and our use of OCaml here and here.

You can look at the FAQ and our list of suggested project ideas for more details on the project and how it will run.

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